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    AZ EZ Ride LLC is a privately owned and funded, non-emergency transportation company, which is focused towards providing high quality transportation services to all costumers throughout Arizona, including the northern Navajo Reservation, Pima County, Gila River Reservation, and the Pasqua Yaqui area. AZ EZ Ride LLC will provide services not only to all elderly patients, but also to parents and children with special needs.  We put an emphasis on accommodating those in special need of a wheelchair and or ambulatory services. AZ EZ Ride LLC will provide transportation services for customers who have private insurance, Medicare, and or AHCCCS. AZ EZ Ride LLC is a leader in ground based transportation in Arizona, we have a team of professionals devoted to providing quality service and meeting the needs of the communities we serve. 

AZ EZ Ride LLC Short and Long Term Objectives

Short Term:  (with-in first year of operations), our three main objectives are:
Effectively advertise AZ EZ Ride LLC  and the unique services that only we can provide.
Create new jobs for newly licensed or certified medical and physical therapy technicians.
Retain and employ ambulatory, medically trained, and or retired/available firefighters.
Long Term:  (with-in three years of operations), our three main objectives are:
Building and maintaining an adequate clientele.
Continue to improve on our quality through feedback from our customers, suppliers and vendors.
Begin CO-development implementation for the ongoing care, progress, and foreseeable needs of our customers in the years ahead.

Mission Statement

     AZ EZ Ride LLC is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, dependable and safe transportation services. We strive to give each customer the dedication and excellent customer service that they deserve. Our focus is on equal opportunity for persons with disabilities. At AZ EZ Ride LLC we value each of our customers as family not just a client.

Vision statement

      To become one of Arizona’s leading non-emergency medical transportation service, that provides high quality, friendly, and safe service throughout all of Arizona, including the northern Navajo Reservation, Pima County, Gila River Reservation, and the Pasqua Yaqui area.

 Analysis Summary

    There are a number of environmental factors that create an increasing demand for transportation services in the Pima County, Gila River Reservation, the Pasqua Yaqui area, and northern Navajo reservation area.
There are many transportation services out there but not all offer 24 hour service and some only provide transportation to certain clientele and only on week days.
The city of Phoenix and all the surrounding urban areas have recently experience a tremendous growth, and many of these people may not have the means of transporting themselves to their appointments.

 Market segmentation


  AZ EZ Ride LLC will focus on all transported patients' needs; especially those that are in urgent need of specialized transportation to any medical facilities. AZ EZ Ride LLC's clientele consist of  four market segments and two core demographics in each:

The elderly with or without disabilities
Parents with children or infants
Students and young adults
Disabled or Special Needs adults, young adults, and or Children

Target market segment strategy

       Because our agency specializes in non-emergency transportation, we will focus on those market segments where we know our services are most needed. Focusing on those market segments that require non-emergency transportation will greatly increase our overhead clientele.

Business analysis

    AZ EZ Ride LLC  is a transportation services company that works with insurance companies and all hospital facilities, working in three counties in Arizona currently: Maricopa, Pima and Pinal. In the non-emergency transportation field, services are typically utilized by individuals and families, who may be referred to us by hospital facilities or a different agency.
  There are many other transportation companies out there who are serving in the same area, but we are unique in that we offer 24/7 service and immediate pick up services.

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