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AZ EZ Ride LLC is a privately owned and funded, non-emergency transportation company, which is focused toward providing high quality transportation services to all costumers throughout Arizona. AZ EZ Ride will provide services not only to all elderly patients, but also to parents and children with special needs.  We put an emphasis on accommodating those with special need of a wheelchair and ambulatory services. AZ EZ Ride LLC  will provide transportation services for customers who have private insurance and or AHCCCS. 


AZ EZ Ride LLC , is dedicated to providing our customers with high quality, dependable and safe transportation services. We strive to give each customer the service that they deserve. Our focus is on equal opportunity for persons with disabilities.

Vision Statement

To become one of Arizona's leading non-emergency medical transportation services. To provide high quality and friendly service throughout Arizona.



At AZ EZ Ride LLC our goal is to provide the unique services that only we provide in a safe and timely manner. 
We hope to create new jobs for newly licensed or certified medical and physical therapy conditions.
In the near future we would like to retain and employ ambulatory, medically trained, and or retired/available firefighters.

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